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multichain compliance, governance and treasury solutions.
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Tools to Unleash the Power of web3

Leveraging AI, Process Automation, Smart Contracts and Blockchain to bring legal contract creation, process management, compliance and enforcement into the modern age.

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The emerging potential of tokenization

Institutional interest in digital assets continues to climb: 72% of institutional asset managers said they plan to develop solutions for asset tokenization

84% of institutional asset managers surveyed said they plan to develop blockchain and distributed ledger technology to synchronize data and processes.

Web3-native consulting

* Development & Tooling
* DAO Consulting
* Legal Consulting
* Fundraising
* Marketing & Community

Understanding and anticipating an evolving regulatory landscape to maximize opportunity around Web 3.0 legal issues.

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DeepChain provides expert legal engineering and blockchain consulting services to some of the most innovative teams in Web3.

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Our labs focus on building scalable solutions to help catalyze human collaboration and provide market informed process and compliance to every workflow and use.

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